Tuesday 23 June 2015

The Gun Master

By Rory Black
Hale, June 2015

Rex Carey arrives in the township of Willow Creek on his way to visit an old friend. Unknown to him, the infamous Zane Black is staying in the same hotel.

Soon Carey, known throughout the West as the Gun Master, clashes with Black and blood is spilled. Black had been planning the perfect bank robbery and was awaiting his brother and gang to execute his plans.

As Forrest Black rides with his men into the remote settlement, he has no idea he is about to find his brother dead. He sets out to find the killer and his outlaw gang collides brutally with Carey. Who will come out on top?

Up until now Michael D. George has used the pseudonym of Rory Black for his Iron Eyes series only so this is the first time he’s put out a book about someone other than Iron Eyes under that pen-name. My initial thoughts were why when he writes under a variety of other names too, and could this be the first book in a new series?

Those familiar with this authors work will find everything they expect in this very fast moving tale; savage outlaws, a lightning fast hero, plenty of deaths, and a writing style that paints vivid imagery within the mind, in particular the final showdown that can easily be imagined as playing out before you on a cinema screen.

As I read this I became certain the Gun Master was to become a new series but the surprising ending made me doubt my thoughts, so I guess time will reveal whether Rex Carey will ride again. If he does I’m sure I will be reading his next adventure.

The Gun Master has an official release date of June 30th but is available now.

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