Wednesday 28 January 2015

Death Comes Easy

By Will Black
Hale, January 2015

Latham Parry is hell-bent on revenge: to ruin the man he holds responsible for his brother’s death.

Mitch Evans rides into town in search of his own brother, only to discover that he has been burned to death, and that his young wife and child have died trapped in the root cellar of their home.

Two men, both thinking they have right on their side, but only one will survive as death comes easy in the West.

Will Black also includes greed as a motive for killing, and combined with the twin story threads of revenge makes this book a gripping fast paced read.

Filled with many terrific characters, including strong female roles, that Black keeps switching between regularly the reader witnesses how plans fall apart far too easily as it’s almost impossible to second-guess what your adversaries will do in response to your actions. This makes for some edge-of-the-seat reading as you have to wonder if anyone will be able to get anywhere in time to save more senseless killings.

Will Black is a pseudonym used by Adam Smith and over the years he has put out many Black Horse Westerns under a variety of pen-names. I’ve always enjoyed his well-thought out plots, his visually descriptive narrative - that can at times be quite gruesome, all mixed with plenty of gunplay. If you’ve never read anything by this author then Death Comes Easy is an excellent place to start.

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Oscar Case said...

About time I started reading Adam Smith.