Sunday, 3 August 2014

Six-Gun Inferno

By Jon Sharpe
Signet, July 2014

1861 – the sunbaked desert of southwestern Nevada, where a bullet to the brain is the least of a man’s worries.

In the Nevada desert town of Inferno, salt and water have become more valuable than gold. The citizens are just short of dying, and local strongman Crillian doesn’t care – he expects them to fork over big bucks for the essentials of life. But the Trailsman aims to make Crillian pay – with salt, water, and blood….

What seems like a fairly straight-forward plot becomes more and more complicated as increasing attempts are made on Fargo’s life, by Crillian’s men and a mysterious Frenchman, Jaffer, who claims there’s a third side involved.

As the danger mounts so Fargo anger rises and he vows to make those who attempt to kill him pay. This means the book really is an action-packed read with some kind of gunplay or deadly threat taking place every three or four pages.

With twists and turns that throw up many unforeseen surprises, not least who is behind the plots of this gripping story, and the reason behind the efforts to drive away, or kill off, the citizens of Inferno, this book proves to be a very entertaining read.

The man behind the pseudonym of Jon Sharpe this time around is David Robbins and the story contains all the elements that keep making me want to read more and more of his work; great characters, witty humour and plenty of sarcasm, hard-hitting action, and terrific pacing, to name but a few of them.

Six-Gun Inferno is a must read for fans of Skye Fargo. For those who have yet to discover the Trailsman series, or read anything by David Robbins, then this could just be the place to start.


Anonymous said...

Thank you for the review.

Katt said...

Just finished this book last week in one sitting. Yes, it was another great entry in the TRAILSMAN series.
Love your reviews btw. They entice this reader to read books she never would have.
I highly recommend this book!