Sunday, 9 February 2014

Bitter Trail

By Dale Graham
Hale, January 2014

Lazy Jake Fontelle and his partner have gone into the freighting business. Approaching El Paso, they have no idea of the trouble they will encounter after coming to the aid of a dying Mexican. Before succumbing to his injuries, the grandee gives them a map detailing the location of an icon that was worn by the legendary Aztec leader, Montezuma. A secret revolutionary group has sworn to overthrow the Mexican government and he who wears the headdress will wield the power.

Can one man thwart their deadly ambition when others are intent on securing the priceless object for their own greedy desires? Outlaw Crazy Dog Charlie Moon has inadvertently stumbled upon the treasure seekers but, after a bloody showdown, will he emerge victorious?

Dale Graham brings four groups of people together on a collision course that sees mistaken identities leading to confusion and opportunities to get rich quick if your wits are fast enough and your gun hand even faster. Fontelle is also tempted by the fortune the headdress could offer but can the allure of a stunning woman offer more?

It would seem Dale Graham likes colourful names such as Lazy Jake and Crazy Dog as other characters have similar monikers too. He also uses many terms to describe people including a couple that don’t turn up in westerns that often; dude and dame – words that were around at the time but perhaps not used in the way they are here. Still these terms don’t detract from the tale which provides plenty of action, a deadly double-cross, and an intriguing storyline.

Dale Graham also writes Black Horse Westerns as Ethan Flagg and has had more than twenty-five published under both these names with more to come. 

Bitter Trail
Bitter Trail (Black Horse Western)

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