Sunday 25 November 2012

The Hanging of Red Cavanagh

By Jim Lawless
Hale, November 2012

As a young man, Red Cavanagh awoke one morning to find his father dead – murdered by members of the old Willis Walton gang. Setting off in pursuit, he stopped in Bald Hills to secure himself a rifle but didn’t succeed. Then, within hours, a grave is discovered in a clearing, covered with a crude wooden cross bearing the name Red Cavanagh….

Four years on and Bald Hills is in deep trouble. The transcontinental railroad is likely to be routed to the north of the town, and a greedy local rancher is seizing property and land aided by gunman Chet Warrener. There seems no hope for the ordinary townspeople.

Until, one day, a stranger rides into town….

Jim Lawless had me hooked from almost the word go with a fistful of questions that needed answers, such as who was the fourth member of the Willis Walton gang, what three of them were arguing about with Red’s father, and, later, was Red dead or alive? 

The story is told at a fast pace with twists aplenty and includes a hanging, whipping, murder, kidnapping and gunfights.

Jim Lawless is one of the pseudonyms used by John Paxton Sheriff, an author who can be counted upon to give the reader an exciting, difficult to put down read and this book adds more strength to that statement.

The Hanging of Red Cavanagh has an official release date of November 30th but is available now.