Saturday 6 October 2012

Fargo's Legacy

By Tyler Hatch
Hale, September 2012

Craig Fargo was barely fifteen years old when he killed his first man.

By doing so he saved his father’s life – but only for a few more minutes. And in those minutes he was committed to a quest that would take him eight brutal years to complete.

The road is long when you’re alone, and that first dead man had a lot of company as Fargo’s legacy kept his fists ready and his guns blazing. But when he reached the end of the trail and the gunsmoke cleared, his legacy was not what he expected….

This book begins with the killing of Craig Fargo’s father that sets the young man on his quest, following a trail that doesn’t really make any sense to him, that gets stranger as those he seeks are dying just before he finds them. Who is killing them and why? It’s these questions that kept me glued to the pages as Tyler Hatch expertly keeps the answers hidden, heightening the mystery elements of this very fast moving tale.

Tyler Hatch is one of the pseudonyms used by prolific author Keith Hetherington, and this book contains one of his excellent brutal fistfights. There is also loads of gunplay and a superb villain – someone I’m not going to say anything more about so as not to spoil anything about the gripping plot.

A mistake provides a slim opening and a dramatic race against time that begins to put the pieces of the puzzle in place, leading to a terrific final confrontation that ties everything up neatly, and violently.

So, once again I’ve found myself being thoroughly entertained by a Tyler Hatch book and am left very much looking forward to Keith Hetherington’s next novel.

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