Monday 24 September 2012

High Noon in Snake Ridge

By Scott Connor
Hale, September 2012

After serving ten years in jail, a reformed Matthew Jennings returns to Snake Ridge to reconcile with his respectable family, but finds his brother lying dead and his father won’t speak to him.

To track down his brother’s killer, he secures a position as deputy town marshal, but when he follows the evidence it leads to a man who must be innocent – his own father. Worse is to follow when a feuding outlaw gives him an ultimatum to leave town by noon or die.

Facing a race against time to uncover the truth and with a mysterious gunslinger haunting his every move, Matthew’s resolve to turn his back on his past will be tested to breaking point before he faces a high noon showdown.

Filled with twists and turns this book has plenty of intrigue and suspense that will keep anyone glued to the pages. Who’s the mysterious gunman? Who killed Matthew’s brother? Will his father ever speak to him, let along welcome him back into the family? Will the townsfolk accept an ex-jailbird as a lawman? Then there is Abigail, Matthews’ ex-lover now married and bringing up a child. Will she ever forgive him? Not forgetting Matthew’s old outlaw gang who are still on the scene it would seem that Matthew’s attempts to start a new life are doomed to failure from the moment he returns to his home town.

Scott Connor has created a fascinating set of characters and a gripping storyline that capture the imagination superbly. The outcome of this book is never a foregone conclusion and offers plenty of surprises.

High Noon in Snake Ridge is an extremely entertaining book that left me eagerly looking forward to Scott Connor’s next. 

Even though it has an official release date of September the 28th the book is available now from the usual Internet booksellers.

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