Wednesday 29 August 2012

Six-Gun Nemesis

By Colin Bainbridge
Hale, August 2012

In Chaparral Bend a gallows is being raised for youngster Ty Garland, accused of bank robbery. But is he really guilty? His old ma claims he is innocent, and town tamer, Crossdraw Kitchenbrand, is inclined to believe her, especially as the notorious gunman Angel Addison and his gang, the Yuma Boys, seem to be involved.

Crossdraw’s search for answers brings him up against big ranch-owner Landon Clovis and leads him to the outlaw roost of Addisonville. He can count on the support of the old woman and a girl he has rescued, but will that be enough to succeed against overwhelming odds? Will his six-guns finally bring justice?

This is Colin Bainbridge’s fifth Black Horse Western and the third I have read.

The story starts well with Kitchenbrand discovering a tar-and-feathered old lady. Who could do such a thing to an elderly woman and why? Her tale exposes more questions than answers and Kitchenbrand finds himself involved in attempting to free Ty Garland, but there are people who don’t want that to happen.

The book builds in intrigue and suspense, has plenty of action and well-drawn, strong characters of both sexes. And who will be able to forget Reba (a crow)? 

The reason for killing or saving Ty Garland isn’t easy to work out and kept me glued to the story. Everything comes to a satisfactory end and I was left with a feeling of being thoroughly entertained and looking forward to reading another of Colin Bainbridge’s books. 

Six-Gun Nemesis has an official release date of August 31st, but is available now.

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Oscar Case said...

Your review makes me want to go pick up a copy.