Thursday 17 May 2012

Against All Odds

By Hank J. Kirby
Hale, May 2012

He didn’t even carry a gun, it wasn’t necessary when he was so good with his fists. But after a fatal altercation with a proddy kid he began to see he was perhaps too good, especially as the boy had a mighty powerful father and brother who would be waiting for him when he was finally released from prison.

It seemed like the moment to start packing a gun – a very special kind of gun. He needed all the advantage he could get as he was only one man against many. Someone had to die to even up the odds.

Hank J. Kirby is a pseudonym used by prolific western author Keith Hetherington, a writer that has fast become one of my favourites in the genre. This book contains all the elements that make his work so entertaining; excellent characters, fast moving plots, plenty of gunplay, and lengthy fistfights. This story also has the added element of the unusual weapon, a Spencer-Bannerman slide-action shotgun.

The books’ hero, Ronan, finds himself on the wrong end of a vicious beating that finishes with his hand being pulverized by a rock. His hand is virtually useless after this and the shotgun becomes the only weapon he can use effectively.

The storyline is a twisting tale of revenge that becomes a pulse-pounding race to save a hostage that sees Ronan battling heavy odds in no prisoners taken situations.

Once more I found that this was another Keith Hetherington story that was very hard to put down before the end was reached, and, again, I was left eagerly looking forward to his next book.

Against All Odds has an official release date of May 31st, but it is available now from the usual Internet bookstores.

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Meg said...

Sounds interesting. I like a wounded hero, too, making the best of things. Will check this out.