Tuesday, 15 November 2011

Cut-Price Lawman

By Tyler Hatch
Hale, October 2011

They wanted a sheriff they could control, to run the town their way. Chris Cade seemed to fit the bill – a drifter, drunk, stupid with toothache, and broke. It was easy to pin a badge on him.

However, after that it got harder. Cade had his own agenda, his own set of rules, a pair of hard fists and a fast gun. They figured they’d got him for a cut-rate, but the price they had to pay put them deep in the red – and the well-turned soil of Boot Hill.

If you’re not a fan of dentists, the opening chapter to this extremely fast moving book will have you squirming in your seat: “Why anyone’d call it laffin’ gas beats the hell outta me!”

It soon becomes obvious to Cade that everything isn’t quite on the straight and narrow as he begins life as a lawman and discovers the fate of his predecessor. Also there are questions about the disappearance of Duggan; a man surveying the surrounding land. And where has a missing wagon and its army escort vanished too? Plenty of questions ensure the reader won’t be putting this book down before the end, and the reason behind the mystery’s came as a surprise to me.

Tyler Hatch is one of the pseudonyms used by Keith Hetherington, a writer who became a favourite author of mine after only reading a couple of his books. Once more he doesn’t disappoint with this tale. His fast flowing style, hard hitting action, and twisting storylines just keep me coming back for more, and leaves me eagerly waiting for his next book.


Joanne Walpole said...

Interesting title

Steve M said...

Agree Jo, that's one of the things that made me pick this book to read - and of course knowing Keith always provides an entertaining story.