Tuesday, 20 September 2011

West of Pecos

A Ralph Compton novel by David Robbins
Signet, February 2005

Looking for a new life two men and their families trails cross. One a former Confederate soldier is leaving behind the memories of a dead wife and looking to build a new life with his two sons. The other man is a former Union soldier, a man whose brought his family west in hopes of setting up a cattle ranch. These two families will have to forget the bloodshed of the past and fight side by side as their future is threatened by Indians and outlaws.

Another terrific story from David Robbins, full of grit and determination. Action a-plenty balanced by moments of humour. There is a strong theme of family love and unity as the struggles for a new life play out. Having said that though my favourite character was the drunk, Three Fingers Bob, a complexed man of tall tales of the true harshness of the reality of living a hard life in a pretty much lawless land.

As new love blossoms for some so does the odds against the survival of the former soldiers and their families as the brutal bandit Vasco Cruz and his gang threaten to bring a very bloody end to their dreams and lives.

Do they survive? That’s not for me to say but for you to find out and in doing so you’ll find yourself immersed in the gripping power of David Robbins ability to hook a reader not only with his trademark cliff-hanger chapter endings but also with an exciting and captivating storyline.


DavidRobbinsFanClub said...

Steve. Three Fingers Bob answers the question: Is it possible to be drunk 'and' lucid at the same time. :) David

Steve M said...

I'll have to ponder on that one! LOL