Tuesday, 19 July 2011

Revenge for a Hanging

By Richard Smith
A Black Horse Western from Hale, July 2011

Bush Creek’s hardened Marshal Mason finds his life under threat in his own jail, but he is saved by a young fugitive he had arrested on charges of abduction, horse theft and murder.

When the youngster confesses that he knifed an uncle who had brutally lynched his father, the marshal realizes that he also has a personal interest in settling the long-standing feud that was behind the hanging. Together, the marshal and his young rescuer seek retribution – but final justice can only come after further violence and more deaths.

This is the first BHW by Richard Smith and what a debut it is. The book moves forwards at tremendous pace after hooking the reader straight away by beginning in the middle of a brutal beating. This act of violence needing an explanation, and one the reader will only get by reading more.

Richard Smith doesn’t believe in making life easy for his young hero. Rory Rimmer finding himself accused and arrested for crimes he didn’t commit on more than one occasion. This leads to a number of well-written court scenes.

Marshal Mason proves to be a fascinating character with a background that will play an important part to the outcome of this story, leaving readers to make their own mind up about one of the deaths.

As well as being an action packed tale, the book also contains a falling-in-love storyline. This is one of the reasons Rory Rimmer finds himself in so much trouble, but does it lead to a happy ending for the young couple? That I will leave for you to find out for yourself, and I’m sure you’ll be as equally entertained by this story as I was.

Revenge for a Hanging has an official release date of July 29th but is available now.

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