Sunday, 4 July 2010

Western Fictioneers

Some of you may have seen the comment Frank Roderus left on the review of A Fistful of Legends, but as it may have passed others by I thought I’d make a post to bring this news to everyone’s attention.

Frank is the first president in a new organization called Western Fictioneers that is for writers of the American West.

Here’s a quote from Frank’s message:
“WESTERN FICTIONEERS is intended as a supplement to the Western Writer of America. It is exclusively for writers of fiction. Membership is open to anyone who has a published novel, novella or short story credit.”

Due to the amount of books I review by English publisher Hale (Black Horse Westerns), Frank also says:
“We expressly wish to invite your British authors. You are publishing some excellent work on your side of the pond and we hope you will join us.”

There is a website which can be found at this address:
Their blog is to be found here:

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