Wednesday, 16 June 2010

Storm in Paradise Valley

by Charles G. West
Signet, April 2010

Jason Storm has had career any lawman could be proud of, but now he’s ready to take off the badge and begin a peaceful life as a modest cattle rancher. With the help of a generous and kind benefactor, Storm is able to make a fresh start in Paradise Valley.

But six hardcases have other plans as they raid the ranch of Storm’s backer, killing him and bushwhacking his men. After the massacre the outlaws decide to take the town for themselves. With a cowardly sheriff, an inexperienced young deputy, and a rising body count, Paradise is in desperate need of rescue. It’s time for Jason Storm to load up, mount up, and clean up the town.

Charles G. West fills this book with an excellent cast of characters, and he spends as much time telling you what many of these people are doing as he does with his hero, Jason Storm. As well as strong male roles he includes equally strong women, one of whom isn’t scared of using a firearm on her enemies.
There’s plenty of action, some quite brutal at times, and you’ll soon be wondering just who will be left alive at the end. The pace of the story is fast and it flows easily, sweeping the reader along effortlessly.

Overall I found this story to be a very entertaining read and even before finishing it I had ordered a few more of Charles G. West’s books, and I’m looking forward to reading these soon.


Laurie Powers said...

I'm especially taken with the cover art on this one. Thanks for another great review, Steve.

Steve M said...

Totally agree Laurie, it sure is a very striking cover.

Oscar said...

I agree with the previous comments and the book sounds like it oughta be read by the Western fan base including me. Another good one to add to my list.