Monday, 12 October 2009

Western Fiction News: A Competition

Caroline Fyffe's western romance Where the Wind Blows (published by Dorchester) has been getting rave reviews and might be of interest to some of you who follow this blog. The book has also been optioned to be made into a movie.

Caroline is offering one lucky person the chance to win a stay at a California dude ranch, all you have to do is watch a short book preview video and write your version of the last line to the story. Closing date is December 1st. Follow this link for more details.


larry said...

Great review as usual,i am on the 3rd book of the longarm giants arc by james reasoner. I have kind of a dumb question,what series is john fury from? I would like to check them out,as i was introduced to DOC and RAIDER in the last book(i read a few doc and raider books i liked them so i would like to see about the fury series) thanks larry

Steve M said...

The series is called FURY as by Jim Austin (who just happens to be James Reasoner). There were five books:

1. Fury
2. Blood Ransom
3. River War
4. Last Chance Canyon
5. Nevada Guns

An excellent series in my opinion.

Steve M said...

Oh yeah, so will you be checking out the EASY COMPANY and LONE STAR series too?

larry said...

I see that i wrote my comment under the wrong entry it was supposed to be under your Longarm review,i wrote it at 5.00 am before work so i musta been kinda asleep.Thank you for the info on the Fury series it sounds good(and its an added plus as James reasoner is my fav author).Also thank you for the info on the easy company series info as i didnt relize it was a series.I wonder how many others i missed in the first 2 books?I have read quite a few Lonestars,im trying to hit alot of different series.Thanks again.i check out your blog/reviews every day along with j. reasoners,david robbins and Frontiertimes. Again thanks

Steve M said...

No problem with the comments appearing under the wrong post Larry, we both found them :)

There are 31 Easy Company books as by John Wesley Howard.

Doc and Raider starred in 73 books and then Raider went on to appear in 42 more books under his own name. All as by J.D. Hardin.