Friday, 21 August 2009

Gun Fury

as by Walt Keene
A Black Horse Western from Hale, August 2009

Veteran gunfighter Tom Dix and his pal Dan Shaw get a telegraph message from the remote border town of Gun Fury. Both men know that it must be serious for their friend Wild Bill Hickok to contact them. They saddle up and ride knowing that something perilous is brewing.

Death awaits and greets them as soon as the reach Gun Fury. Within hours bodies start to pile up. And the curious thing is that the infamous Hickok claims he never sent for them. Trapped, Dix and Shaw have to fight for their lives in Gun Fury.

Of the many Black Horse Westerns I’ve read this is one of the first I can recall that features a real person from the history of the West. In this case his inclusion is an important factor to the major plot thread of the book, even though for the most part of the story Hickok is just a background character.

Tom Dix and Dan Shaw are the main players in this fast moving, easy to read book, that immediately captures the readers attention with questions as to why Hickok would send for retired lawman Shaw and ex-convict/gunfighter Dix – if he indeed did.

The book gradually builds to its exciting final showdown through a number of tense confrontations that have Dix and Shaw facing crazed gunmen and a rancher that has those who remain in the dying town of Gun Fury in a grip of fear. If that isn’t enough the arrival of top gunfighter Will Fontaine adds to the problems.

Walt Keene is a pseudonym of Michael D. George and Gun Fury is his sixth BHW under this name, going by the other titles listed at the front of the book. If traditional, straightforward, westerns are your preferred choice in the genre then I’d suggest you get your order in soon. The book is officially published on August 31st but is available now from many Internet booksellers.


Chris said...

Funny, I just reviewed a Louis L'Amour story featuring...well, sort of featuring Hickok.

This sounds like an enjoyable one.

Jack said...

Walt Keene is BHW writer Michael D. George - one of his many names. He also writes as Rory Black with the Iron Eyes books.

Steve M said...

I'll check your review out in a minute Chris.

Thanks for the info Ray...I'll add his real name to the review.